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“The Crazies:” Rooting for zombies

It’s pretty much impossible to make a zombie movie that’s not predictable, but it is possible to make it amusing. The entertainment of watching these films is not so much the startle we know is coming, but the moments that build up to the inevitable, bloody decapitation, nasty mutilation or ghastly transformation. So to do it right, you should call in the “A-Team,” as in George A. Romero.

Three-in-one film captivating, suspenseful

Erie and captivating, seeing the “Red Riding” trilogy from start to finish is definitely an interesting way to spend the day at the theater. Taking place over the course of nine years, this suspenseful indie series is based on the real life investigations into the “Yorkshire Ripper” in Yorkshire, England in the ‘70s and the ‘80s.

Film lacks plot, characters lack depth

It is a well-known fact, as of now, Martin Scorsese’s film “The Departed” has the top spot for gritty hardcore police films. But since 2006 Antoine Fuqua has been working on his next real cop movie that should blow the audiences socks off. The problem is “The Departed” had so much depth and more than enough character to go around, and “Brooklyn’s Finest” just does not deliver.