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‘Green Zone:’ trailer gives faulty intelligence

“The Green Zone” is a fictionalized account of the critically acclaimed non-fiction novel “Imperial Life in the Emerald City” by former Washington Post journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran, which chronicles the lives of civilian leadership of the American reconstruction project in Iraq in the days following the invasion of Iraq. These civilians lived in the green zone, an area behind the secured walled-off enclaves of what used to be Saddam’s palaces — thus the name of the film.

Hopped-up Hoagies

Hopped-up Hoagies

While I was wandering around the 16th Street Mall and avoiding Greenpeace activists, I found myself in front of a fairly new restaurant, Cheba Hut. I had seen the location in Boulder several times, so I figured I’d check out the new place. I walked in and instantly felt half-baked. The whole atmosphere of the […]

‘Green Zone:’ not just another war movie

“Green Zone” presents its audience with a left-sided story of the war in Iraq that is set to entertain viewers and nothing else. People are already giving Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass heat for making another movie that shows the corruption of our government.

Humorous side of Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s own, “The Twelfth Night,” or “What You Will,” may be one of his lesser-known plays, but definitely is one that impressed when Metro theater students brought it to life March 4. The Metro State Studio Theatre was alive and booming with sonnets and Elizabethan dress.

Scruffy Murphy’s serves up St. Patrick’s Day right

Scruffy Murphy’s serves up St. Patrick’s Day right

Scruffy Murphy’s, located two blocks away from Coors Field, transports you to Eire just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Aside from the plethora of beers and whiskeys, the pub also offers traditional Irish bia beag 
(appetizers), ceapaire (sandwiches) and bia triadisiunta (traditional faire), as well as desserts.

Polanski misses big picture with ‘Ghost Writer’

Everyone has been in a situation they knew was too deep but got involved anyway, especially when money was involved. Roman Polanski puts his audience through this scenario with a bland and predictable approach. “Ghost Writer” does not stimulate any senses or force the audience to even pay attention to the plot enough to surprise viewers with the ending revelation.

“The Crazies:” Rooting for zombies

It’s pretty much impossible to make a zombie movie that’s not predictable, but it is possible to make it amusing. The entertainment of watching these films is not so much the startle we know is coming, but the moments that build up to the inevitable, bloody decapitation, nasty mutilation or ghastly transformation. So to do it right, you should call in the “A-Team,” as in George A. Romero.

Three-in-one film captivating, suspenseful

Erie and captivating, seeing the “Red Riding” trilogy from start to finish is definitely an interesting way to spend the day at the theater. Taking place over the course of nine years, this suspenseful indie series is based on the real life investigations into the “Yorkshire Ripper” in Yorkshire, England in the ‘70s and the ‘80s.