Where dat? In Denver!

Where dat? In Denver!

For many eaters, Cajun food is an easy target especially when it is found outside of the Deep South. Any person with a rational stomach would probably refute the quality of a dish that was created so far from home. How could somebody eat amazing green chile in Michigan? Who chews a perfect steak in Hawaii? But finding Louisiana west of the Mississippi is not a paradox.

Paean carries the indie rock torch

After one listen, it seems as though Paean wants to light a fire under your backside. With brooding vocal inflections, rustic strumming patterns and passionate lyricism, Dave Maddocks is a seasoned musician who has been leading Paean for over two years.

Metro director jazzin’ it up

Fred Hess, Metro’s Classical Compositional Director, has begun work on the follow-up to his first big band album, Hold On. At this point the tenor saxophonist’s album is still in its infancy, but Hess is already excited to unveil it. He discussed making music, his experience in the local scene and the jazz scene overall.

On the road

Alt. country pioneer Jay Farrar and director Curt Worden shed a new light on Jack Kerouac’s idyllic last novel, “Big Sur,” with One Fast Move or I’m Gone. Recorded in three days, Farrar’s soundtrack features Ben Gibbard, a strong backing band and a appreciation for hardened folk melodies and Kerouac’s rambling prose.

Hacienda at home with rock ‘n’ roll

The family quartet from San Antonio is determined to bring back old school rock ‘n’ roll with an emphasis on the roll. The band has been working closely with The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, most recently serving as his backing band for his solo tour and enlisting him as producer on their new album. Schwebel discussed working with Auerbach, the new album and touring.