Stuck on your phone’s old features? Update the firmware

There’s nothing worse than getting a new cell phone, then later realizing it either doesn’t have all the features you thought it did, or some of those “‘features’” are more annoying than useful.

Auraria student governments descend on D.C.

Students affiliated with the Auraria student governments will be travelling to Washington, D.C., to participate in a conference on higher education hosted by the United States Student Association and to lobby Congress. The conference comes during a crucial time for budget reconciliation for higher education in conjunction with the health care bill.

Email from administration details another assault

Sent this morning, this email describes last night’s assault and robbery:

Student safety questioned

Three separate incidents reported within a week

The journalist

In this first part of the In Their Shoes series, we take a peek into what drives this lifelong journalist to keep on writing, keep on plugging away, and, what drove him to return to college after so many years a thousand miles from where he began. Through a series of audio interviews, we will […]