Opinion: Where credit is due

To my parents: I know I wasn’t an easy child to raise. Between tantrums, tears, crashing my first car at 2 years old and an unlimited supply of attitude, you both had your work cut out for you. If anything, the degree they will hand me in just a couple of weeks will be as […]

Review: “Spring Awakening”

Puberty in the modern age is tough. As explored in “Spring Awakening,” puberty in repressive 19th century Germany was nearly impossible. Playing through May 4 at the Town Hall Arts Center in Littleton, “Spring Awakening” was shocking and moving. The musical, adapted from Frank Wedekind’s play, won eight Tony awards on Broadway after it opened […]

Metrospere: Leo Tolstoy, meet my grown-up self

Metrospere: Leo Tolstoy, meet my grown-up self

The older I’ve grown, the more a trip to the bookstore has become an all-encompassing excursion. I can spend hours wandering around Barnes and Noble (RIP Borders), browsing titles, sections and leafing through the pages of someone else’s imagination. My last trip to the bookstore, however, found me in a section my high school English […]

Opinion: Pot legalization a struggle of culture

I never thought being a big sister would be an easy task, but I never anticipated that living in Colorado would make it harder. Amendment 64 changed everything. My younger brothers are 11 and 14. They’re young and learning about their culture and their place in the world. Currently, that place is a mile high […]

Review: “Game of Thrones”

“Game of Thrones” Show poster by HBO   Sunday night, as the temperature dropped and the storm clouds rolled in overhead, it became clear Mother Nature is a “Game of Thrones” fan. Once more before Spring, “Winter is coming.” After nine long, empty months, the HBO drama returned for its fourth season premiere. The third […]

Review: “VICE”

Review: “VICE”

“VICE” Show poster by HBO   Between basketball games in North Korea, heroin addiction in Mexico and navigating ghost towns in China, the guys at “VICE” are no strangers to intense, hard-hitting news coverage. Back for a second season, the stakes of the HBO show’s in-depth reporting haven’t lowered at all. Season two of the […]

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