The legacy of a printmaker

Good Thieves Press is as simple as studios go. Despite the art on the walls, it gives the impression of bareness, clean lines and light, which floods through the tall windows.

Along the studio’s single room’s northern wall is a row of mostly abstract print image — the studio’s current show on display. The show commemorates the life and work of Eldon “E.C.” Cunningham, a Metro art teacher of 27 years, who committed suicide Oct. 1.

Campus Crime: Oct. 13–14

Officer Skeen responded to a call from a UCD student in the second story of the Boiler Room Lounge in Tivoli. The student said she was approached by a Hispanic male in his 20s with short black hair wearing blue jeans and a red hooded sweatshirt. He asked to borrow her phone; when she gave it to him, he walked away with it. There are no leads or suspects on this case.

Yo-Yo Ma gives classical the edge over pop

I was already in enough trouble in 7th grade as it was. It was bad enough that I’d read “The Count of Monte Cristo” and the unabridged version of “Les Miserables” (twice), but had never picked up a copy of Seventeen.

Auraria loses another parking place

The stretch of Old Colfax Avenue on Auraria’s south end where drivers often parked without paying permanently closed Sept. 15 to make room for construction of a light rail station, an official said.

Eat, pray, learn

Students filing in eyed the food longingly but went instead to round tables with chairs dotting the hall. These were set with paper plates loaded with dates, but nobody touched these, either. The aromas wafting from the buffet seemed all the more tantalizing because nobody at the tables had eaten that day.