Senior citizen students share their stories

Among the sea of young faces at Metro you may occasionally notice the not-so-young but earnest face moving around campus with a steadfast gait. While often mistaken as professors, they are fellow students thirsting for a new start with pride and hope for the future. The give and take of life is not over yet […]

Let’s talk UFOs

Nuclear weapons cause concern in the world. Robert Hastings, guest speaker at Metro’s “UFO’s: the Secret History” April 8, puts a whole new perspective on the subject, said Jason Cordova of Metro’s Crypto Science Society. Hastings will talk about ongoing documented UFO activity around nuclear sites.

Hastings ventured into the lecture circuit after getting hundreds of interviews from former and retired U.S. Air Force personnel with first-hand experience about UFOs. He has spoken at more than 500 universities and colleges. His first degree is from Ohio University in photography, but in the mid 1980s he retrained in electron microscopy and also received a certificate in Materials Science applications. He was employed by Philips Semiconductors as a laboratory analyst while continuing to educate others about UFOs in his spare time. According to, his book, “UFOs and Nukes,” answers many questions and poses more.

Encouragement in a box

With the family cocoon no longer buffering life’s demands, students who thought they would love their new freedom are having difficulty adjusting to the demanding regiment of changing rules and college life.

A “College Student Journal” article reports college students, especially freshmen, are a group particularly prone to stress due to the transitional nature of college life. High among these stressors is being away from home for the first time, so a sincere message of encouragement from parents and friends can make college life easier.

Mary Anne Byrne, owner of the online business, agrees and said, “Students are busy and sometimes need to know they are loved and cared for. They need a reminder of how important they and their educational success are to them and their parents.”